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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> a big day tomorrow. we will chew over what happens then the debate. we will be watching baseball as well and we might have a new speaker too. packed day, have a great day, see you tomorrow. bill: get your stopwatch out, we are waiting for congress to vote on a federal budget that sets spending for two years, raises the debt ceiling and could avoid a government shutdown but not a done deal yet. is it? welcome to "happening now". i am john scott. >> i am jenna lee. it is supposed to be at done deal but it is not all done. a lot of conservatives are
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complaining about what they described as a back room agreement with the white house and they are alleging john boehner gave us too much too quickly. paul ryan who is favored to be the next speaker says he will support the plan, but has issues with the progress, we get that with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel who has been working late night on capitol hill. what is the latest, 11:00 eastern today? >> reporter: a number of house conservatives, house freedom caucus they are no on this budget agreement which is no surprise that john boehner allies those worried about national security funding and the appropriations folks on capitol hill, a lot of them are suspected to be along with a number of democrats. >> we haven't counted the votes yet, i can't tell you what the vote going to be but i think members of the caucus, we are not enamored with it, all the pieces of the legislation, nevertheless it is a positive effort and they are reviewing it
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in that light. >> reporter: we expect paul ryan to be for the packets saying, quote, what has been produced with the long way toward relieving the uncertainty hanging over us and that is why i intend to support it. it is a big day for paul ryan with his gop colleagues due to the nominee for speaker replacing john boehner and paul ryan being the favorite. congressman trey gowdy will support him. texas congressman jeb henterling will support him. they think paul ryan is the right person to leave at this time. >> now that he is in and i am not you get, make your case as paul ryan has been doing, i will be voting for paul ryan please use the right person at the right time, she knows more about the budget, the appropriations process than anybody else on capitol hill, he is an inspirational leader with great
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integrity. >> reporter: expect the house republican conference to select a speaker nominee for this afternoon. the entire house of representatives will vote on a budget deal late afternoon and a new speaker will be selected tomorrow morning. jenna: thank you. jon: from america's election headquarters tonight could be do or die for several republican hopefuls. is their third debate, this one in boulder, colorado but with a brand new storyline. al will donald trump handle coming in second in some polls to dr. ben carson? jeb bush desperately seeking momentum. marco rubio taking heat from some voters who sent him to the senate. our next guest says tonight is the beginning of the end of the primary season. david drucker is senior correspondent with the washington examiner. how do you mean that? >> reporter: what i mean is the early phase of the primary where you gained things, play chess,
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keep expectations manage, possibly low so that you don't outdate yourself, that part of the campaign, candidates need to do what they want to do, exceed expectations, less than a hundred days from voting in iowa, the next vote and now is the time you have to begin to perform at a level that will get you into first, second or third place in the early stages so that you had a chance to compete for the nomination. jon: the guy who had been king is in a different square this time. donald trump is not the front runner. >> reporter: the danger for donald trump is not that he's losing in a couple holes but the premise of his campaign is he has built it that he is winning and all the polls whether they are state polls or national polls, he loved to brag about winning and all the polls. all of a sudden he is not the number one. how will he react? what will it do to his candidacy when it is all about strength? i don't see him as an underdog come back type of candidate
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because of the way he built himself in this race and similar to jeb bush whose premise of the campaign was he was in the best to raise more money and have a bigger organization, there is no longer the case and he has to try to take himself on the map. jon: what about ben carson? what is his job? >> reporter: carson is a really interesting position. would you say negative about this guy? the is so likable, soft-spoken, his rhetoric can be provocative and controversial but he is not your normal candidate. i do think with real front runner status possible there will be more scrutiny on his position on issues and what he will do as president and that is where republicans have a chance over time to tripped him up but he has proven pretty durables of far despite the things he has said that are normally problematic for other candidates. we will see how he does with this new spotlight. jon: carly fiorina rocketed to
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prominence after the first fox debate, did well in the second debate. how would you assess restraint in her campaign right now? >> she is a really interesting position because she is among the best debaters in the field and she arguably won the first debate even though she was in the lower tier happy hour debate and clearly won the second debate. term problem is her numbers shot way up and they did back down and the question for her is can lightning strike twice or is she secretly below the rate our building the kind of organization that will surprise a lot of people as we get closer to iowa and new hampshire? her numbers are not bad in new hampshire but a lot of numbers to back down suggesting she was not able to grab onto a lot of the support she picked up after the cnn debate. jon: marco rubio is in third place, politico says he is hiding in the weeds if you will. marco rubio has adopted a small
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mammal approach maneuvering quietly at ground level hoping dinosaurs like donald trump, jeb bush and ben carson ignore him while stomping on each other and their allies is a paradox to gain stature, marco rubio needs to aggressively promote himself but not so aggressively that he is a focal point of the race. do you see it that way? >> sort of. ted cruz and marco rubio have done a good job slow and steady wins the race, putting together a decent organization, both raising a decent amount of money, marco rubio is doing fine, they want to peak at the right time and as we have seen in past primaries it is about peaking at the right time and building something durable that voters latch onto. when the voting starts and not before. i think for both of those candidates they need to do more of the same. what they have done in the past two debate, they're playing to a different audience but they both deliver good performances and in
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some ways they are in the best position to, the only thing watching for is do some of the other candidates try to knock down a peg because after carson and trump you have ted cruz and marco rubio and if you are behind you want to get ahead and the only way to do that is knockdown someone ahead of you. jon: what about jeb bush? he says he wants to run a sunny optimistic campaign, echoes of ronald reagan and some of the things he has said in the past week sound petulant. >> jeb bush is going through a rough week, all candidates do, no one is perfect, jeb bush needs to regain his footing. he needs to make it clear to his supporters that he is not going anywhere and has a plan. he has to fight through the notion that the whole premise of his campaign, a big juggernaut that will steamroll everybody is no longer the case. he is now an underdog and needs
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to xl as an underdog as part of that will be what does he do tonight? does ago after donald trump, marco rubio, does anyone care? he is no longer center stage next to donald trump as he was last month. marco rubio taking his place there. jon: looks like beautiful whether they're in boulder, colorado. >> it is gorgeous. a little chilly but a beautiful day. jon: thank you. >> beautiful weather for small mammals and dinosaurs. however you are described, we will see who gets the title tonight and that is what we are watching for. we will talk a little about business news and the third direct stories you know. walgreen's is buying rite-aid for more than $9 billion. adam shapiro with the fox business network live with this story. >> reporter: it will be the largest drugstore chain in the united states if this goes through but one issue federal regulators will consider is the
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impact the walgreen's/rite-aid merger could have on the price of prescription drugs. the latest october health tracking poll found 77% of americans rank as our top priority keeping affordable price of cancer, hepatitis, hiv and other chronic disease medicines though drug affordability was the top priority for democrats, republicans and independents. the second top priority was government action to lower prescription drug costs. 63% called it a top priority would 50% of republicans calling it a top priority. that is similar to the number of republicans, 50% whose a repealing the entire affordable care act or obamacare is a top priority. a few the results from this poll, the public generally opposes the cadillac tax on more expensive employer health plans but eliminating the tax only ranks twelfth on the priority poll lists, 30% of people saying
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it is the top issue for them. also views of the obamacare remain split, 42% of people have a favorable view of it, 42% have an unfavorable view and one last thing you can use a water cooler over lunch, walgreen's used to be walgreen without the s. jenna: a little history, thank you. at jon:y is a stalking a broadcaster, why he did it and what else he is accused of doing. we talked about the candidate in the big debate in boulder, colorado so we want to hear from you. to do you expect will win the gop debate? life chat is up and running, go to, get your predictions and the conversation.
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jon: some crime stories, we are awaiting a key decision in a
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brittle workplace murder. and oklahoma man is accused of beating his co-worker. a judge is set to rule today on whether nolan is confident to stand trial. testimony set to begin tomorrow in the case of a man charged with stalking the philadelphia newscaster he once dated. police a john hart's campaign of harassment against her also included identity theft. new details about the death of zoe hastings, the 18-year-old from texas was killed on her way to church two weeks ago she was stabbed and left for dead near a a creek. 34-year-old man she apparently didn't know but who witnesses a was arguing with her before she disappeared has been arrested. jenna: senate lawmakers grilling state department officials about u.s. strategy in the middle east, specifically our battle against isis. >> reporter: as we saw yesterday the administration's two top military appointments, ashton carter and the head of the joint
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chiefs chairman joe dumb third took a real beating from senate republicans in the senate armed services committee yesterday over what amounts to a stalemate in the relative status quo of operations in iraq and syria. carter announced a new strategy yesterday which says the military is calling the three rs, the city iraq and the city in syria and the type of raids they will be used ultimately to quell isis but he took a beating yesterday describing them from senator lindsay graham who called it a half-assed operation. today it was two other administration that the people making the case for the senate foreign relations committee, special envoy retired general john allen told the committee look for better results ahead. >> we denied isil freedom to operate in 30% of populated territory in iraq held just last august and the iconic city of tikrit has been liberated in 75%
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of the population has returned. isil has been almost completely pushed back from beijing where iraqi aircraft flying u.s. supplied f-16s provide close ai ground and four columns of iraqi troops closing in on ramadi. jenna: also the assistant secretary for near eastern affairs and patterson also said they have been thwarted in their long-term efforts because of isis, because of russia. here she is. >> finally, i would be the first to read knit, mr. chairman, we have been absolutely absorbed by the crises in the region such as isil and syria and libya and we have been unable in many respects to implement successful these longer-term strategies and focus on underlying difficulties. >> reporter: army colonel steve warren, spokesperson for the joint combined staff in iraq and
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baghdad is briefing reporters from baghdad via satellite in the pentagon as we speak. he will have further developments and get to you when we learn what he has. jenna: we will be anticipating that. with much more on this topic retired army lieutenant colonel schaeffer later in the hour, you might know lieutenant-colonel safer with the first raid in afghanistan before it became a large-scale operation. that is what we will be asking about. we do more raids in syria how do we keep that from becoming a bigger war in the middle east? we will talk about that in a few moments. jon: we take you to denver, colorado, not far from the site of the debate in boulder, this is in the river north district just north of downtown where a kareem has collapsed on the side of the building. other buildings in that area are being evaluated. if you look at these pictures from our denver of filled yet no
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word of any injuries as a result of the crane collapsed. near downtown denver when we get more information about precisely what happened here and whether anybody was hurt we will bring it to you live. the race for the white house heating up. why our next guest says the debate over vladimir putin's aggression is a critical issue in the campaign. police discovered a missing teenager safe and sound nine miles from home. why she says she was there. >> maybe she was sleepwalking. >> we were really terrified. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. mack of colorado families relieved after police discovered their 19-year-old daughter
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wandering nine miles from home. she vanished yesterday morning. apparently she was asleep the whole time. >> this morning at 6:00 we got a call from a father who said his 19-year-old daughter taylor was missing and was known to be yet sleepwalker. jon: she doesn't remember much the told investigators she woke up when she was walking, recognized a landmark and went to a relative's home nearby. her family says she is embarrassed by the whole thing but otherwise is okay. jenna: my next guest says an important debate is going unnoticed in the gop field. what to do about an increasingly assertive vladimir putin, russia's new military campaign syria and its intervention in ukraine. washington bureau chief for the wall street journal, nice to have you. you said this is fundamentally important not just for the republican party but the country overall.
8:24 am
>> what you are seeing is a new russian approach to not just u.s./russia relations the international relations, assertive in syria, establishing new ties to the government in iraq and iran, jordan, obviously continuing to intimidate ukraine. what do you do about this? vladimir putin style that is not going to go away. within the republican field there is an interesting division, most people wanting to confront vladimir putin, donald trump saying i get along with this guy. jenna: here's what donald trump said today on this issue. >> if vladimir putin wants to drop bombs on isis i am ok with it but we have to do it too. we have to kill isis. jenna: there's a little bit of we have to get involved but all right, why not? >> his argument is not an impossible argument. if he is going to do the dirty work in syria and run the risk of getting caught in the syrian
8:25 am
quagmire welcome to it, we will let you do that. the problem is you don't want to expand russian influence in the middle east or leave syria to be a russian protectorate. we have a gold there and need to play it as well and to the extent we create a vacuum the russians show they will fill it. jenna: an important question how we are going to deal with russia not just for republicans but the entire country. why don't we see the same debate playing out on the democrats side? >> away you why. you have hillary clinton who is saying essentially, sometimes not essentially, sometimes explicitly i would be tougher in syria and and president obama has been. i wanted to bomb earlier when they were using chemical weapons, i am willing to talk about a news fly zone. she is talking about a position to the right of president obama so you have a little of this on the democratic side. what is interesting about the republican side is the serious debate and donald trump pastoralism metaphor for brodeur division in the republican
8:26 am
party, that wasn't so obvious the for this cycle which is an interventionist wing, lindsay graham and john mccain personified and non interventionist wing, donald trump and rand paul are a little more there. jenna: those are not the names of the top of the polls when voters as to the trust more when it comes to foreign policy. who is at the top? >> if you believe the poll we did with the wall street journal in the last week, we asked republican primary voters is russia a threat? 85% of republican primary voters say is an immediate military threat or a long-term military threat so donald trump may not be speaking to the majority of voters in his own party but there's definitely a group of people, republicans and democrats alike who are weary after more than a decade in iraq and afghanistan. jenna: how does marco rubio fit into this conversation? we talk about him as a target in the debate tonight. when it comes to foreign policy he tends to do well among republican voters. >> he is definitely more on the interventionist side of this
8:27 am
argument, closer to the lindsey graham/john mccain part of the party than the rand paul part of the party. he has established a position in which he is willing to intervene more aggressively in syria among other places. it is donald trump/marco rubio debate that is interesting. there's an interesting divide between ben carson and donald trump, ben carson is very aggressive, he talked about things like putting armored brigade in the baltic space. jenna: stepping back from this is the diversity of opinion in the gop on this precise issue a good, healthy debate the gop needs to have, or does it when some credibility, i don't know if that is the right language to use, about whether or not the republican party has its full leadership ideals packaged well enough to go into this election? >> it is about presidential campaigns, you are supposed to debate the issues in a big presidential campaign and that is healthy in both parties and not just the republican party. test of what to do about
8:28 am
vladimir putin is a question for the country as you suggested at the outset to come to terms with over the next couple years so why not have that conversation? jenna: does it make you nervous we don't see an answer? you wonder when we are going to find the answer whatever that is and do we have time to do it? that is the question. >> we should enter overestimate vladimir putin. he has problems of his own, a severe economic problems at home, economic sanctions which are in place having some effect and he is not superman. he has become more aggressive and over the long run that is something the u.s. has to deal with. jenna: fox business is having a debate, you will be part of that as well. to we anticipate questions on this? >> i think we should. jenna: great to have you, we look forward to that. jon: let's talk about hillary clinton trying to pick up steam in new hampshire. we will show you how she is going on the offensive in tonight's republican debate.
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horrifying stories from inside the world of isis as the u.s. debate putting american troops on the front line against those terrorists.
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neil: the air force featuring in the movie good fellows playing out in that courtroom drama, accused mobsters read them out. if you have a case of heartburn or indigestion new research you
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definitely want to hear. washington gets will fever, not talking about the world series, prince harry is in town. jon: from election headquarters democrats are not sitting still while republicans meet for the debate in colorado. hillary clinton is campaigning in new hampshire where she still trails a newly aggressive bernie sanders. the clinton campaign is looking to get some attention during the republican debate. ed henry is live in manchester with that. >> reporter: absolutely right. hillary clinton and her staff seem very confident in the last couple weeks, they turn this race around, she had been an underdog for a while because of self-inflicted wounds over e-mail but starting with a strong debate performance may be they're coming back strong but in new hampshire bernie sanders, a democratic socialist senator continues to be heard in various
8:34 am
polls, nonetheless the clinton camp is trying to brush off those attacks you mentioned from bernie sanders by letting clinton, these new ads she is releasing today ahead of the gop debate show a contrast where she is saying the republicans are fighting among themselves, she wants instead to fight for the middle class and when she was on the late show with steven colbert last night see she suggested she could have a major impact on the republican fight if she weighed in on who might be the nominee but said whoever wins i will be ready for them in 2016. >> if i say one or the other it might influence some people and i don't want to influence it. i want them to go whenever the process is because if i am fortunate enough to be the nominee i want to run hard against whichever republican is up there. >> reporter: interesting you mention bernie sanders himself is sharpening his attacks, so are his top advisers, jeff
8:35 am
weaver, his campaign manager saying, quote, we are willing to give her more credit than obama did, willing to consider for vice president. we will give his serious consideration. we believe an interview her. bloomberg says sanders's campaign managers seemed to be half joking as he said it over the weekend in an interview but nonetheless kind of a sharp jab from the sanders camp, thinking of only they will win but will consider hillary clinton as vp. jon: i suspect she is not laughing whether it is a joke or not. thank you. jenna: john allen, former white house envoy in the coalition against isis testifying at the senate foreign relations committee saying in a long military career he has never seen anything like the depravity of isis lead yesterday ash carter told senators that the u.s. will start putting soldiers on the ground. >> we won't hold back from
8:36 am
supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly. whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. jenna: let's bring in lieutenant colonel sunny schaeffer from london center for policy research the sheik conducted cross border raids in 2003. i always like to add that in. important work you did that relates to this conversation. secretary carter made the comments yesterday saying this is not a change in strategy, we will keep doing what we have been doing in iraq and syria. what are you hearing in those comments? >> two things could be silly not to admit we have. on the ground when we have been, the few things we have done very well, for example the raid to kill abu sayyef can liberate the folks who were the unfortunate loss of one of our operatives.
8:37 am
what we are seeing is a realization by the white house that we have to be more honest about the fact that to defeat isis and start shaping the battle for those long-term strategic points the administration wants to do which most people are for, you have to create conditions so those things and start working, to create conditions you must defeat isis and that is why we recognize we don't want to put 100,000 troops back into combat but we have to be as secretary carter said use more direct action to be effective and shutdown isis. jenna: there was not the same expectation in afghanistan, putting 100,000 troops in afghanistan was not originally the goal. we are talking raids again. curious whether or not you see eventually going in that direction where we do see despite the resistance and incredible amount of american boots on the ground. >> this is the thing we must be cautious of. we cannot nation-building. a lot of folks recognize we
8:38 am
become the issue but we have to especially create conditions so people come together and we shouldn't care what governments they take as long as it is governance. >> what mistakes did we make in afghanistan? i am not suggesting the service of our men and women were a mistake but what can we learn from afghanistan that we can -- we are more effective, get the job done quicker and we don't put as many american lives on the line? >> we have to create conditions for those elements which are essentials at odds with each other, conditions for them to come together diplomatically and politically. in afghanistan the afghan people are self-government, we have to bring the taliban back with the central government so they quit fighting. that is our job. we should ever have put forth the idea of forcing them to have a jeffersonian democracy. is not right for that part of the world. we need to do the same thing here. the kurds know what they're doing and can pick whatever form of government they want. our job is essentially to create conditions for them to govern the spaces, to not allow isis or
8:39 am
other places so those terrorist groups who thrive in that space to take that away from us, that is what we learned and what we're doing now and we have to do that here. >> give them a chance and give them the opportunity to do so. congressman adam king singer was on last met, air force pilots and by the with the national guard, he gave a great interview last night. here is what he had to say about our current strategy. >> bombing is good to slow and down, to disrupt them but in terms of rolling back and defeating it is going to take some level of. on the ground. we probably have some already. >> jenna: do we stay the course when it comes to bombing raids? every time we have our one:00 show, we find out how many bombs we dropped. should that be continued? should that be more aggressive? do >> reporter: a more aggressive
8:40 am
stance overall? >> we have to be much more aggressive. i agree with adam, we need to have. on the ground boa don't need our. on the ground, we are doing an arab nato. frankly an arab nato is called for by the fact you have the damascus pact, russians, marcion's and iranians forming against us on the other side and we can use a proxy organizations such as egypt or saudi arabia or the jordanians to the hour. on the ground, we use special operations forces as secretary carter stipulated to be shaping things but we can do both, we don't have to put our. on the ground, we have to figure out ways to have effective. on the ground have to be trained by as, probably led by as the the idea is to be more aggressive for diplomatic and political solutions down a road. jenna: one thing leaders on both sides of the aisle have seen fully explains the american people is why did this is worth it. how would you explain that? >> we have to recognize there
8:41 am
are huge oil resources to include kurdish areas in northern iraq. that is a resource issue independent of the united states, our allies are not, the global economy with our allies are part of, we have to recognize this. these are horrific crimes, we have always been the friend of necessity to help straighten things out during world war 1 end world war ii. we have friends we should be working with to destroy isis to make sure people do stop slaughtering christians, stop slaughtering the innocent and go back where they live the thousand years. those things should be sufficient for both political parties to recognize we must take an aggressive role and be involved, we have to come up with an effective solution, effective strategy to defeat isis and bring stability to the region.
8:42 am
jon: new danger may be linked to a popular heartburn medication. details on the result tweet to new studies ahead. plus new information on a spa worker found frozen to death inside a liquid nitrogen chamber and las vegas. what we learned about the spot and how it could affect criminal charges in this case. our legal panel is here. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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jenna: jon: dramatic quarter action in the case the was immortalized in the movie good fellows. attorneys for a mobster try to punch holes in the testimony of the prosecution's star witness, the defendant's turncoats' cousin looking to port for a him as a lying crook desperate for government paid day. the legendary 1978 heist one of the biggest cash in american history remained unopened case
8:46 am
until seven years ago. a legal analyst and national law journal contributor, fascinating case obviously, these two are cousins. valenti wears a wire, get his cousin on tape admitting to having participated in a robbery and complaining he didn't -- the prosecution says he is only doing this, the stark testimony, the witness is doing it because the government is paying off his debt. >> that would be one thing if they didn't have him on tape admitting to committing this crime but what is happening here is you have an 80-year-old defendant who doesn't want to do any time whatsoever said they are grasping at straws helping to discredit the witnesses who are all good fellows in order to
8:47 am
win the case. skip jenna: what time is joaquin at? >> they will go easy on him. he doesn't have a lot of time left. he's not going down without a fight. he is 85. talking about crimes the witnesses have allegedly committed, the lives they allegedly told, the realities government witnesses are strong on the stand, cool as a cucumber, all the grilling and i think it does not look good at all. jon: despite this was one of the most noteworthy crimes in american history it fell off of the fbi's radar until the lindsey said i can help you solve this case. jenna: it reminds me of the whitey bulger case, an older guy who only when everything comes together comes together perfectly did they pursue it. with limited resources this may not be the top priority but now that they have the case truly set up in front of them perfectly they will go with it
8:48 am
and are doing it very well. jon: they fought they would get $2 million cash, they are bringing in briefcases full of gold and jewelry but don't know what to do with it. the lead witness's house and store it all in the basement. allegedly they took in the house in brooklyn and tried to stash all. and yesterday, monday i should say on cross-examination they tried -- wasn't there died at the house. and beauty was not -- it did not happen that way, i was there, i know what happened. jon: crazy story happening in federal courts, we don't have the testimony on camera. it is fascinating. talk about another case in the news, las vegas police have
8:49 am
closed the case of the cryotherapy spa worker found frozen to death inside liquid nitrogen chamber, as they say her death does not appear to be suspicious but now we are learning the spa was not licensed by city, county or state to perform cryotherapy procedures or treatments. you have handled a lot of malpractice cases, this woman apparently blocked up mosbacher, she is there late, into a chamber like this one we are seeing on her own where they apparently subject you to subzero temperatures and she froze to death. is the spa liable? >> she is the one who was negligent. she was the one not acting with due care, she should not have been doing it by herself when no one else was there or after hours. they have a difficult case to prove anything that the spy did lead to her death. it was her actions that led to
8:50 am
her death. jon: they say they have a license operator. heather nailed it. >> they may not have a license that that is not what caused the death. it was a separate issue. there may be civil penalties, they paid a thousand dollar fine. but this is a sad story. sounded like a very nice woman, sounds like she made a mistake. i don't know about the two of you but i'm not interested in getting into the subzero freezing machine, sounds a little, the whole thing sounds nutty but it is a sad case. jon: thank you both. jenna: the international space station, commander scott pelley leading the way. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you have medicare parts a and b, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these let you choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients.
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is hot jenna: a big show i hear ladies coming that. >> indeed with connections to my girls there. republican presidential candidate ready for tonight's debate and with donald trump in second place lose >> in this strategy could move american troops to the front line. >> one middle schoolers says she was forced to defend weather god really exists. >> all that plus hash tag one lucky guy, maybe jenna's favorite ever. author of the new book extreme ownership, leif babin on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour, can't wait to have them. jenna: tell him not to set his alarm clock for 4:30 in the morning. that is the thing with him. we can't wait to see it.
8:55 am
jon: wants us feel, always a seal. two nasa astronauts outside the safety of the space station on a daring spacewalk game that fixing the lab's robotic arm and installing a new physics experiment. steve harrison live on the ground in miami with that. >> reporter: despite the fact these two esther not our veterans this is their first space walk. they are four hours into what is expected to be a 6-1/2 hour space walk in the last few minutes, we're watching them lubricate the robotic arm of the international space station and laying cables and insulation. basically getting that 15-year-old space station ready for a lot more commercial ventures. some ships will be coming in 2016. is always a risky endeavor. the space station is traveling at 17,000 miles an hour and these two astronauts are tethered to and carrying some jet packs as they do their work.
8:56 am
in 2013 there was real risk when a helmet on an italian astronaut began to fill with water but all these steps, all these moves are practiced for weeks at a time, choreographed to the last minute, incredible care in this maintenance going on right now and for the next couple hours. jon: let's hope we don't have a repeat of that frightening years drowning in space. thank you. jenna: we have a better idea what exactly caused the deadly whale watching accident off the coast of canada where passengers were standing and how that may have fled to the boat tipping over. the doctor is in and saying going on the wagon for a month and have a dramatic affect on your health and your longevity. we will explain.
8:57 am
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>> see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. andrea tanteros. commentator and national spokesperson for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy, a highly decorated navy seal operator who led operations in iraq war's fiercest battles. we're pleased to welcome leave babin. author, put up the book. extreme owner ship, how u.s. navy seals lead and win. yes this do. how-to guy applying navy seal mojo to everyday life. good to see you. i don't know if we can outnumber you but you are technically outnumbered today. >> as seals that is what we like to be. harris: sounds good. >> stir up the hornets nest. harris: that would be us.


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